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This list is merely a starting point; it's fine if you use different wording/phrases, but please put your warning(s) on the subject line! This will help out your fellow anons in deciding on whether to peruse your prompt/fill at a glance and avoid if they feel uncomfortable.

Warnings/Trigger List )
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For non-prompt related general discussion purposes.

Episode discussions, fic/art/dance/video/graphic recs, links to prompts you'd like people to pay attention to, links to cool MC sites/tumblrs/twitters/youtube channels, chats about VAs/Titmouse, beta requests/offers, and fan theories are all game. If it's about Motorcity, then go ahead and comment.

General rules and the spoiler policy still apply here. Play nice and have fun!


Jun. 27th, 2012 05:40 am
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Finished a prompt? Working on one? Put it here to make sure people see it!

Alphabetize your subject line pairing, please! It will help make the archiver's life a little bit easier and to make searching/tagging more streamlined. So even if the prompter did not, please alphabetize the pairing/moresome correctly. Thanks!

**Subject Line format: Pairing, warnings, (if work in progress, write "WIP")**

Comment Text:
Prompt: [prompt text + link] -- please do not omit the link to the initial prompt!
Fill: [the link to the fill; title is optional]
Tags: Relevant tags/genres/kinks to your fill (eg. first kiss, angst, slice of life, etc) . Please don't treat this like tumblr and add things like BAMF! or weh or doki doki or other similarly not applicable tags to the archive.

As you update your WIP, thread your updated parts by replying to your original comment.


Mod notes: Dreamwidth has flat view! :D It essentially lists all the comments in chronological order which takes out the need to scroll up and down to find new comments. I'll provide a link for it in the prompt post or it's available along with Top-Level Comment Only viewing on the left hand side.



Jun. 9th, 2012 11:32 pm
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Questions/suggestions/comments? Problems on the kinkmeme itself? Borked your comment's html/formatting and would like it deleted? Place it here; comments are screened.

If you're having problems with html, try this: get a dw account. Make a post and make sure the tab is on HTML and not Rich Text I just wrote Texas, why. Paste your work from wherever you've written it and post it. If the formatting is alright, it should be good to go in a comment (anonymous or otherwise); if not, you can edit it until it's to your liking and then post. Hope this helps!!


Jun. 9th, 2012 11:09 pm
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General Rules

  • [community profile] motorkink has zero tolerance towards prompts and comments containing personal attacks on other community users and private individuals, including bullying, kink shaming, and hate speech. Comments violating this rule will be deleted.
  • If your comment is deleted/screened/frozen and you don't know why, it is up to you to PM a mod or make a comment in the Ask the Mods page. ALSO: If there is anything in the kink meme that breaks the rules/requires deletion, don't self-mod, please alert a mod and we'll take care of it.
  • Plagiarism will result in an immediate deletion.
  • Dreamwidth FAQ: Why does my anonymous comment not display the way I want it to?
  • Dreamwidth account holders have the ability to edit/delete their comments. Keep in mind that if your original comment breaks the above rules of plagiarism or attacking other KM users, and you have edited it, I will freeze/screen/delete it regardless of what you've rewritten and if needed, will ban your account from the comm.
  • Character limit for dreamwidth comments is 16,000, which is roughly 3,200 words.
  • If you link to anything that is NSFW, add a nsfw warning (and if needed, add trigger warnings).
  • Would just like to remind everyone that asking/suggesting if enjoying a kink is 'bad' or 'makes me a bad person' is a soft form of kink shaming. This is the internet. You are never ever ever "the only one" who has some sort of kink, and blanket statements such as those above imply that others who share your kink are wrong as well. Please refrain from making such statements.

TL;DR: Be nice to one another, this fandom is already pretty chill, let's keep it that way.

Prompting Rules
  • One prompt per comment.
  • Please follow the correct format (see below).
  • Include trigger warnings in the subject line.
  • Gen or otherwise not 'kinky' prompts are welcome too.

Format of Prompts (for Subject Line)
  • Alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes to streamline archive tagging/searching. (e.g. Chuck/Mike/Texas)
  • For crossover prompts: "[Crossover], Motorcity Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Kane/Tarrlock, [Legend of Korra])
  • Put [GEN] before GEN prompts.

  • Link to NSFW images/videos. Don't embed.
  • Trigger warnings still apply, you must add them in regardless if the prompter did so or not.
  • Fills may be posted anonymously or not.
  • Fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
  • For fic fills, make sure to have the fill be viewable on the kink meme itself. Linking is fine, but for the sake of permanency/archiving, please put it in a comment as well.
  • All prompts are open to fills at all times, multiple fills are more than welcome.
  • If you prompt something, please try to fill your fellow anons' prompts as well!
  • Whether you have a work in progress or completed fill, post a link to it in the fill post.

**Spoiler Policy**
  • Any prompt that includes spoilers for the latest/leaked episode should have a spoiler warning in the subject line.

7/16/2012: GOOD NEWS! Your fellow anons, S and B have graciously ARCHIVED EVERYTHING, and did a stellar job at that too! Now you can look up for prompts to fill, completed/wips/artfills in the meme, and look up stuff by character, pairing, and kinks/genres! We also now have a new mod, [personal profile] boyshort! She'll be on board to help out with archiving full time and mod things. \o/!!

8/3/2012: There is now a daily km update comm, [community profile] archivefastarchivefree! Man, people in this fandom love being organized. This is awesome. :'D

8/7/2012: POM over at Titmouse has reached out to MC fans to help them fill out a brand marketing survey for Disney XD, let's help them out!

8/25/2012: Help out the world while you're surfing the KM (and the internet in general). Donate your unused computing power toward solving important, world-impacting problems by way of World Community Grid. Process data that are looking to find the cure for muscle dystrophy, track human activity patterns that can lead to sustainable water, come up with a drug to fight malaria, and more!

9/4/2012: [community profile] archivefastarchivefree now has a tumblr mirror, for those without dreamwidth accounts.
11/06/12: Soldier on. In the meantime, fyeahmotorcity has a bunch of links to click on, so pick your protest of choice.